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Our Brand


Hindustan Fire Protection is India's most trusted manufacturing company & Touchwood is a brand on an extensive range of fire extinguishers ranging from ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers, Clean Agent based Fire Extinguishers, Carbon Dioxide Based Fire Extinguishers, Water Based Fire Extinguishers, Watermist Based Fire Extinguishers, Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguishers, Ceiling Mounted Modular Suppression Systems, Specialized Fire Extinguishers, Accessories Of Fire Hydrant, Fire Sprinkler, Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression Systems.

Touchwood's range of Fire Extinguishers & Fire Fighting Equipments are ideal for use in Commercial & Industrial fire safety and fire safety for Homes & Cars. Touchwood Fire Extinguishers & Fire Fighting Equipments are highly suitable for fire safety for offices, fire safety for factories and warehouses, fire safety for server rooms, fire safety for hotels & restaurants, fire safety for kitchens, fire safety for schools, fire safety for residential buildings, etc

Touchwood's range of fire extinguishers is more powerful and efficient than any other fire extinguisher in the market today. These extinguishers are manufactured at our state-of-the-art plant, and are subjected to multiple levels of checks. Virtually every Touchwood extinguisher comes with ISI, ISO: 9001 and CE certifications.

Our Brand

  • Touchwood extinguishers are universally accepted as the finest in the market and unsurpassed in the quality of materials, manufacture and ease of service. HFP are proud that Touchwood extinguishers have the greatest number of National approvals of any brand.
  • Our powder, foam & gas extinguisher’s contain high specification MAP / SBC / TECH powder, AFFF foam, Clean Agent / CO2 gas and are manufactured from high strength steel cylinders with a red epoxy polyester paint finish. All models have brass valves and handles.
  • Our wet agents are all contained in extinguishers constructed from high quality stainless steel bodies and 100% milled metal valves (brass and stainless steel). The use of stainless steel bodies significantly reduces the total extinguisher weight and service life compared with the merely mild steel alternatives.
  • Due to the extinguisher’s longevity, Touchwood’s strict recycling policy and careful attention Touchwood pays to all aspect of environmental impact, we believe that our equipment will help you make an environmentally sound choice.