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M/Foam Stored Pressure fire extinguisher

TOUCHWOOD Stored Pressure Foam fire extinguishers are ideal for fires involving volatile liquids and freely burning materials such as paper, cloth, wood, furniture, etc.
Note : Mechanical Foam extinguishers are not suitable for fires involving electrical risk.
• Water Type Suitable for Class A Fire Risk


  • Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) is capable of fighting Class A and Class B fires.
  • BIS Approved ( IS 15683 )
  • CE Certified
  • High quality pure polyester powder coating
  • Spray nozzle to provide high fire rating
  • Controlled discharge
  • Brass nickel plated head valve with simple squeeze operation
  • Rechargeable and easy to service
  • High quality EPDM Rubber braided hose is far more flexible than the normal rubber used in hose pipe and also far less prone to cracks (on Demand).
  • Large loop Stainless steel pull Pin.

Ideal Use

  • Petrol Stations | Restaurants | Paper Factory | Garment Factory | etc.


  • Don't use on Electrical Fire.

M/Foam Stored Pressure fire extinguisher

MODEL G-42A G-42
Capacity 6 Ltr. 9 Ltr.
Design Hose & Air aspirated Nozzle
Fire Rating 3A:55B 4A:89B
Height (Approx.) 530 mm. 575 mm.
Diameter (Approx.) 150±10 mm. 180±10 mm.
Average Discharge time 22 Sec. 35 Sec.
Average Range of throw 5 m. 7 m.
Average % Discharge 96% 97%
Operating Temperature +5 °C to +55 °C
Service Pressure (Ps) 15 bar.
Max. Service Pressure (Pms) 17 bar.
Test Pressure 35 bar.
Expelling Agent Nitrogen (UHP Grade)
Full Weight (Approx.) 8 kg. 12 kg.
Empty Weight (Approx.) 2.9 kg. 4.3 kg.
Shipping Weight (Approx.) 8.2 kg. 12.3 kg.
Packing Standard 2 in 1- 22.5"X6.75"X14.10" 1 in 1- 24.75"X8"X8"
Mounting Bracket Wall bracket
Approvals BIS & CE BIS & CE

*Factory Tested

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Fire Rating as per IS 15683:2006

Type Model A B
Foam G-42A